The municipality gives the environmentalists property for free in the Borisova gradina

The Sofia Municipal Council has prepared for Thursday a decision to give to environmentalists for free 10 years use a property in Borisova gradina of over 1.5 decares and building of over 338 square meters.

The formal reason for this act is that the “greens” wanted to make a Wildlife Rescue Breeding Centre. Both the municipality and the environmentalists make people completely fools.

What kind wild animals there are in Lozenets where the property is located? The attractive land plot is in the locality Pogrebite.

Experts predict that it is actually a business project of the “greens” who want for no money to make a Veterinary clinic for dogs and other domestic animals.

We recall that the municipality refused to give land plots to Dimitar Berbatov and Grigor Dimitrov, who wanted to make sports playgrounds for children.

But, as it is clear, due to the fact that the environmentalists are loudmouthed, the councilors and the mayor Fandakova are courting them and fulfilling all their caprices.

We apply the draft decision to the Sofia Municipal Council:

Source: www.skandal.bg






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